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Giving them a chance to identify the primary and secondary drop off and pick up points, to walk through all access and egress points and establish plans for each contingency in advance rather than having to make it up on the spot in the heat of an emergency. Safe transportation from point A to point B is a must and executive protection services are excellent at providing it.

The only time that a Principle is more vulnerable than when they are on the move is when they are exiting and entering a building. High quality, reliable vehicles with trained drivers are an essential rather than a preferable. The security team must ensure that all vehicles are fit for purpose, fully functional, completely road legal, fully gassed and with suitable equipment such as spare tires, bulbs, and emergency equipment. The drivers must also be fully licensed, permitted and insured for such operations and preferably background checked. Many cities, states, and countries do not allow personal security team members to be armed in any form.


Thus even nonlethal weapons such as extendable batons, mace sprays, and stun guns are illegal. As such executive protection officers must be highly trained to protect their clients, even when unarmed. To disobey the law in this matter can result in embarrassment, delay, and inconvenience for the client as well as a potential loss of operational licenses for the agent and even jail time. An executive protection agent must ensure that the client is made aware of the local rules regarding weapons and if the team will be carrying any.

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Executive protection officers are experts at making themselves aware of local religious, ethnic, monetary and other differences that could potentially put their clients at risk. A key to gaining this information is local knowledge and maintaining a good understanding of current affairs within the area of operation.

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Although the first order of business for any executive protection officer is to be professional and keep a low profile when escorting their VIP hosts, a significant presence is sometimes needed. This is usually done as discreetly as possible with a focus towards targeting an individual identified as a potential threat or more overtly should there be multiple persons considered a threat.

Whether a client is traveling in a vehicle or attending an event at a venue, there is always the chance that trouble may arise. Trouble may be in many forms; Executive Protection officers will always have established contingency plans for their client to egress should a situation escalate to the point where extraction is required.

It must be remembered that the role of an executive protection agent is to protect the Principle, not engage or apprehend the offenders. Should engagement be the only way to protect the Principle successfully, then it must be done in such a manner as to not increase the threat. The biggest mistake that most people make with their personal safety is to allow themselves to be lulled into a false sense of security. Certainly, modern day police forces are improving all the time, but a lot can happen in the 5 — 15 minutes.

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That is the average response time to an emergency call. Individuals must be proactive for the safety of themselves and their family members. The harsh reality is that threats are out there in many shapes and forms. Those threats might be targeted towards an individual, the group or company the person is representing, or that he or she might merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Consider the terrible acts that have occurred in France in the last year: innocent people going about their lives have become victims of international terrorism. Bank transfer, cash, or credit card.

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Executive Protection Officers and the Art of Security. Some of the techniques that executive protection services use to keep their clients safe include the following: Threat, Risk Assessment Even before the client has left his home base, the security team will carefully analyze the trip itinerary, the location profiles and events to be attended. Advance Operations A detailed understanding of the threats against your client is paramount. Arrange Secure and Vetted Transportation Safe transportation from point A to point B is a must and executive protection services are excellent at providing it.

Specialists in Unarmed Client Protection Many cities, states, and countries do not allow personal security team members to be armed in any form.