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The perilous West: seven amazing explorers and the founding of the Oregon Trail

The Perilous West begins in , when Crooks and McClellan meet Lewis and Clark, and the vast expanse from the Dakotas to the Pacific coast appears a commercial paradise. The story ends in , when a band of French Canadian trappers rescue Marie Dorion, and even John Jacob Astor's well-financed enterprise has ended in violence and chaos, placing the protagonists squarely in the context of Thomas Jefferson's monumental opening of the West, which stalled with the War of Biographical Directory. The Perilous West tells the story of seven adventurers who traveled west in and forged the Oregon Trail.

Their monumental journeys, lionhearted spirit, and unique legacies are captured in this riveting book as they encounter the Great Tetons, Hells Canyon, and South Pass among many other discoveries.

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Will be of interest to anyone curious about American history. This lively biography paints a picture of Drake as an amoral privateer at least as interested in lining his pockets with Spanish booty as in forwarding the political goals of England. A photo-lithographic facsimile with a new index by Alison Quinn.

The Perilous West: Seven Amazing Explorers and the Founding of the Oregon Trail

Ever wondered what it's like to dive to meters, to be waiting alone in the dark, your only way back to safety a thin nylon line snaking away from you, up and up and up into the darkness and down and down and down into the blackness. Not a sound but your own breathing. Minutes ticking away how long you can wait for your friend. This book tells the story of more than 12 years of extreme deep cave diving, culminating in the setting of four Guinness Book of records for deep diving around the world.

Despite earlier naval expeditions undertaken for reasons of diplomacy or trade, it wasn't until the early s that European maritime explorers established sea routes through most of the globe's inhabited regions, uniting a divided earth into a single system of navigation.

The Perilous West (Seven Amazing Explorers and the Founding of the Oregon Trail)

An old truism holds that a scientific discovery has three stages--first, people deny it is true; then they deny it is important; finally, they credit the wrong person. Alfred Wegener's 'discovery' of continental drift went through each stage with unusual drama.

A distinguished sinologist questions whether Marco Polo ever reached the Far East and uses Polo family history and imperial Chinese records to argue that he probably did not journey past the Black Sea. Resurrecting Dr. Moss chronicles the life and death of Edward Lawton Moss, a Royal Navy surgeon on the last great British north polar expedition of the nineteenth century.

Arctic historians and bibliophiles are familiar with Moss's account of the British Arctic Expedition, published under the title Shores of the Polar Sea, but little has been known about Moss himself. Now, thanks to Paul Appleton's painstaking research, his life has taken shape in this well-crafted biography. Relying heavily on Moss's own letters, Appleton has created a portrait of a man he calls "an example of the best traditions of British naval medicine during the Victorian era. Moss was also a pioneering medical officer.

After being posted in British Columbia, he played a pivotal role in founding one of the earliest medical institutions on Canada's west coast, the hospital at the Esquimalt Naval Base. Moss's life was cut short at the age of thirty-seven when the HMS's Atalanta disappeared en route from Bermuda in Moss includes several previously unpublished letters and is illustrated with a selection of Moss's watercolours.

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The "South Seas," as this region used to be called, evokes images of adventure, belles and savages, romance, and fabulous fortunes, but the long voyages of discovery and exploration of the vast Pacific Ocean were really tests of amazing logistics, navigation, grit, shipwreck, and luck. The motivations were not only scientific and geographic, but also nationalistic and materialistic.

Also included are entries on first contacts, ships, navigational instruments, mapping, and botany.

The scene is carefully set in the introduction, the chronology spans several centuries, and the extensive bibliography offers a guide to further reading. This book is more than just dry facts; it has a whiff of salt air, the clash of empires, cross-cultural beach encounters, and personal adventure. The North seduces you. It can kill you too.

He pulled himself up by his bootstraps, rising from gristmill employee, to self-trained telegraph operator, to stenographer, to finally becoming a lawyer.

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His life from that point on, however, was equal parts tragic and heroic, but continued to be marked by splendid accomplishments. No one person to date has been equal to the task of fully retracing them. The first trip sadly resulted in the tragic death of his trip leader and best friend, Leonidas Hubbard, and a narrow escape for him. His book on the trip, "The Lure of the Labrador Wild", published in , became a best seller and is still in print.

There then followed two extraordinary trips in across Labrador, following the route planned in Dillon led one.


Mina, drawing on skills that no one had realized she had, led the other. A third fascinating figure, voyager George Elson, the other survivor of the first trip, safely canoed Mina the length of Labrador down some of the most challenging rivers that George and his crack team of outdoorsmen had ever seen. Our minimum order quantity is 25 copies. Expedited shipping is also available.

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